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Support PlansStandardPremium
Email/Web support
Telephone Support
Public Status Page
24/7/365 Support
Remote Access
Escalation to Apica R&D
Dedicated Technical Account Manager
Monthly Review
Monthly Apica SLA Reports
Number of Support ticketsUnlimitedUnlimited
Communications for Critical Issues: Non-business hoursEmail/webTelephone
Response Time Critical Incidents* (Priority Urgent)2 business hours1 hour 24/7
Response Time Major Incidents* (Priority High)4 business hours2 hours 24/7
Response Time Minor Incidents* (Priority Medium/Low)1 business day4 business hours
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* Response time means the period commencing when an incident is logged and when the support team provides customer with a response including:

  • a confirmation that the support team started working on the issue; and/or
  • request for specific information needed to identify the issue; and/or
  • suggestions of known workaround

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