Next Generation Tools

We have now released the first version of our next generation tools for creating load testing and monitoring scripts. The first version contains two tools: the browser based Apica Scripting IDE and the console application Apica Scripting YAML.

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Apica Script IDE

Apica Scripting IDE is a script development environment that you install on your local computer, and use through your browser.

Using Apica Scripting IDE you can record web sessions from a browser or client and use that as the base for a testing script, and/or manually add requests, configurations, variables and loops.

Scripts can be run and tested from your local computer with multiple virtual users for extended tests.

Apica Scripting IDE also lets you extend the scripts with custom Java plugins for maximum flexibility.

The finished script can be uploaded to Apica Synthetic Monitoring for monitoring or to Apica Load Test for performance testing as needed.

Apica Scripting YAML

With Apica Scripting YAML, users who don’t need or want a graphical user interface can instead use YAML files to define the test scripts.

The scripts can be extended with custom Java plugins and inline scripting, Test packages are then generated with the command line interface.

Generated scripts can then be used both for monitoring in Apica Synthetic Monitoring and performance testing in Apica LoadTest without modification.


To get started, get your installation packages for Windows and Mac

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