AppDynamics is a leading APM provider for modern application architectures. The integration of Apica and AppDynamics APM delivers an all-encompassing performance monitoring solution for improving availability, performance and scalability. With Apica LoadTest and AppDynamics, businesses can fetch transaction data for each load test and drill down to the stack trace level to pinpoint critical issues, while the integration of Apica Synthetic and AppDynamics provides newfound insight into the end-user experience via SaaS, hybrid and on-prem deployments.

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Akamai supports 24/7 consumer demand through superior content acceleration, DNS resolution, global traffic management, and by enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud. The integration of Apica and Akamai delivers an all-encompassing performance management solution. Monitor site uptime, latency, traffic, and content delivery metrics from one place. Easily connect your Akamai account to Apica Synthetic and correlate data for greater insights.

Amazon Web Services

As the world’s largest cloud-based web service provider, Amazon Web Services empowers organizations with a flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution for hosting applications in the cloud. Amazon partners with Apica to ensure AWS customers’ web applications perform optimally in the cloud.


Cloud technology leaders Rackspace and Apica have been providing customers with high-end technology and service for years. With well over a decade in hosting, Rackspace has the solution for any customers looking to host applications in the cloud. Combining their top-tier technology solutions with their Fanatical Support® service, Rackspace delivers unparalleled enterprise-level hosting services for businesses of all sizes around the world.

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