Core Features

Our synthetic monitoring can offer many benefits to your business applications. With our synthetic monitoring, you can proactively monitor your websites, mobile apps, and APIs so you can identify issues before they impact your end-users, revenue and reputations.

  • global network of monitoring agents

    Global Coverage

    Monitor the end-user experience around the world, from the convenience of your desk. Our advanced monitoring agents cover over 60 countries.

  • Custom intervals for website and application monitoring checks

    Custom Intervals

    Run monitors around the clock and customize them by frequency and location. We make it easy to set up checks for a specific window of time and at rapid intervals.

  • performance testing dashboard

    Pre-Release Testing

    Measure the performance impact of new software releases before you go live and benchmark performance against previous releases.

  • monitor third-party performance

    Third-Party Monitoring

    Isolate the impact of third-party resources on performance and trigger alerts when third-party services aren't meeting their SLAs.

  • monitor competitor sites

    Competitive Intelligence

    Monitor your competitors' sites and applications and benchmark your application performance against theirs.

  • Apica Synthetic website monitoring service integrates with industry leading partners

    Technology Integrations

    Apica Synthetic integrates with AppDynamics, New Relic and Dynatrace APM, Google Analytics, Akamai and more. Identify problems, find the root-cause and troubleshoot issues faster.

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting and analytics are easy to understand with our interactive dashboards, graphs and alerts. With these features, you are able to identify key issues and performance bottlenecks.

  • interactive dashboard to evaluate key performance metrics

    Interactive Dashboards

    Visualize every check in one place and quickly identify issues by severity. Drill down to evaluate key performance metrics and ensure your SLAs—and your third-parties' SLAs—are met.

  • summary reports to compare performance and share with stakeholders

    Summary Reports

    Create, schedule and share an array of reports with executives, IT Operations and other stakeholders. Our reports provide actionable data at a glance and allow you to compare performance against KPIs.

  • understand how resources impact user experience and isolate bottlenecks

    Waterfall Graphs

    Understand how the resources on each page impact user experience and isolate performance bottlenecks.

  • map performance trends to ensure optimal performance levels or identify performance issues

    Trend Reports

    Easily map performance trends, ensure optimal performance levels are maintained over time and identify whether applications are having performance issues in different regions.


Automation is here to help you identify more issues in less time. Set up instant alerts based on your specific goals and needs and send them to the right person.

  • performance issue alerts dashboard can be shared with individuals or groups

    Alerts and Escalation

    Create and send alerts by email, SMS and Slack to notify specific individuals and groups about performance issues.

  • route issues from Apica Synthetic to other integrated technology for incident resolution

    Technology Integrations

    Automatically route issues from Apica Synthetic to OpsGenie, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Slack and Splunk for incident resolution.


Here at Apica, we have checks that will fit your needs. We offer options that include the perspective of a real end-user, checks on the performance of SLAs, monitor your performance and security and SSL certificates. All that in one easy and convenient spot.

  • real browser and mobile device check dashboard

    Real Browser Simulation

    The end user experience can vary depending on the browser. Proactively monitor performance from the end-user perspective on IE, Firefox, Chrome, iOS and Android.

  • SLA and uptime check dashboard

    SLA and Uptime Checks

    Performance degradation doesn't always impact the user experience. Check website or application availability, identify any false-positives and remove them from your SLA reporting.

  • DNS check dashboard

    DNS Checks

    Run a wide range of checks to monitor performance, availability, data integrity and security for your DNS environment.

  • SSL certificate check dashboard

    SSL Checks

    Easily pinpoint when your SSL certificates are approaching their expiration and keep your applications safe and less vulnerable to hackers.

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