website monitoring

Deliver better customer experiences

Apica Synthetic proactively monitor your websites, applications and APIs around the clock and identify availability and performance issues before they affect your customers.

Detect any issues that impact the end-user experience—from page load time and page size to network instability, the impact of third-party providers and much more.

Run your monitors like a scientist in a lab. Apica’s synthetic monitoring solution provides a controlled environment where you can minimize variables and reduce false-positives.

synthetic testing

Script real-world scenarios

Easily build complex user journeys that reproduce real business functionality with our advanced scripting tool.

Record, edit and replay network traffic from any application or device—without writing any code.

Easily record and upload Selenium IDE scripts.

Simulate user journeys from around the globe

Catch issues before they affect your users, wherever they are. Simulate real user traffic from over 60 countries and 180 locations worldwide—including mainland China. We can also deploy more locations on demand.

The best of both worlds

We offer a highly scalable SaaS solution and hybrid and on-prem deployments to meet high-security requirements.

Highly Scalable SaaS Website Load Testing Solution - Apica Systems
  • Public agents
  • Apica cloud orchestration
  • SaaS dashboard
  • No install required
  • Access to global network
enterprise software solutions
  • Private agents
  • Apica cloud orchestration
  • SaaS dashboard
  • All SaaS benefits plus access to your own data centers
Load Testing: On-Prem Load Clusters & Middleware Orchestration - Apica Systems
  • Private agents
  • Middleware orchestration
  • Local dashboard
  • Meet security requirements by keeping all storage local

Enterprise Features for Synthetic Monitoring

We make it easy for you to be proactive.

Set dynamic thresholds and let our dashboards flag critical issues to your teams.

Receive alerts by email, SMS, custom webhooks or via PagerDuty, BigPanda or ServiceNow.

Use our APIs to feed performance data into Splunk, SumoLogic and other platforms.

Leading APM integrations

Apica's synthetic monitoring integrates with leading APM tools. Get end-to-end application performance insights, drill down to the code level and uncover root-cause.

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