Core Features

Measure the performance impact of increasing load on your websites, mobile apps and APIs to ensure your applications perform at peak conditions.

  • mobile app performance testing

    Global Coverage

    Control the ramp and bandwidth of thousands or millions of virtual users from testing locations across the globe and simulate real-world dynamics.

  • mobile application load testing tools

    Pre-Release Testing

    Test your applications in development and identify bottlenecks early. Measure every build and release against baseline results.

  • mobile native application performance testing

    Client-Side Statistics

    Measure the quality of the user experience by viewing a stream of real browser render times and screenshots while your tests run.

  • load testing tools for mobile apps

    Infrastructure Indicators

    Get real network latency and behavior performance metrics, and test cloud infrastructure, CDNs, load balancers and more.

  • mobile performance testing

    Easy Setup

    Configure and deploy load tests in minutes, out of the box. Easily set up short tests, multiple sequential tests and many tests in parallel.

  • performance testing mobile apps

    Flexible Deployment

    Test your applications from behind the firewall on your private network or leverage public clouds, or a hybrid of the two.

Reporting and Analytics

  • performance testing tools for mobile applications

    Results in Real Time

    Get feedback in real time, adjust parameters on the fly, and find optimal concurrency, breakage points and peaks.

  • mobile performance testing tools

    Waterfall Graphs

    Take a deep dive into page performance with min, avg, max and 90th percentile response times for every URL call.

  • app performance test

    Comparison Reports

    Visualize multiple runs to exaggerate points of contention and pinpoint problematic issues in your transactions.

  • android performance testing

    Error Snapshots

    If a request fails, drill down and see exactly what happened and why it failed.

Third-Party Data

  • ios app performance testing tools

    Real Browser Metrics

    Access detailed reporting on browser response time including DNS resolve time, render time and time to first byte.

  • mobile performance testing approach

    Visualize Hardware Performance

    Use our agent or integrate your APM solution and compare load test results with hardware metrics such as CPU and memory utilization, available memory and disk queues.

  • mobile app performance testing checklist

    Visualize Third-Party or Internal Metrics

    Add metrics such as orders per minutes, cache hit rate, database reads/writes and load balancer performance to load test reports.

  • mobile performance testing tools list

    Native APM Integrations

    Drill down to the stack trace level, pinpoint the issues that are the most critical and identify root-cause. We integrate with AppDynamics, New Relic and Dynatrace.

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