5 Important Alerts to Set Up for Website Monitoring

Website monitoring alerts are an incredibly helpful tool for keeping your business’s site up and running. There’s more to site tracking than just looking at “is it on” and “how many people visited the site”–other metrics like how quickly the site loads are just as important. The following five alerts are the most important ones Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Test Methodologies

You need to test and monitor your website. Not doing so puts your online presence at risk during business critical events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday and will leave you in the dark on how it performs. Testing your site for its survivability gives you an opportunity to shore up weak or unprotected Read More

Opening the Lines of Communications through New Messages Feature

Today, we are excited to announce new capabilities for Apica WebPerformance based on customer engagement and feedback. During these customer conversations, we found that those using the tool – whether a business owner or IT – wanted a more streamlined tool to communicate about application performance issues, downtime and the status of various projects. The Read More

Web Pages, Then and Now: How Have Sites Changed in the Last 5 Years?

Web pages built to capitalize on the technology and traffic trends from five years ago are structurally and fundamentally unequipped to operate on the modern web. The exploding mobile adoption rate, particularly of smartphones, has dramatically changed how web pages are built and operate. The introduction and proliferation of tablet devices and Wi-Fi networks have Read More

[eBook] How Major Sporting Events Push the Limits of the Internet

With Pro Tips on How to Prevent Your Own Web Performance Fumbles Sports and sporting events have helped to usher in a new era of web, mobile and streaming data. As the explosion of digital and social media offer increasing outlets for sports fans’ fervor, extreme spikes in web traffic push backend infrastructures to their Read More

The E-Commerce Downtime Guide: What to Do if Things Go Wrong

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, many online retailers are facing a huge spike in traffic and demand. The best of these retailers prep for holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Black Friday many months in advance, testing and optimizing web performance to be sure their site can handle each seasonal load. However, there is Read More

The 2015 Web Performance Planning Checklist

Web Performance is more important than ever before. Here are some tips and tricks to help get your site on the right track in 2015!   As we dive headlong into Q1, I know we’re all busy setting growth strategy and planning for 2015. Sales, Marketing, Dev, Operations – every department has goals and deliverables Read More

5 Critical Components of High Performance Web Sites

Web performance is a critical factor in converting prospective customers into paying customers. In fact, if your site or application doesn’t perform well, it will not only fail to entice new users, but quickly drive those you do have far, far away. When load times are slow and unsteady, users will quickly move on to Read More