Three Ways Automation is Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation harnesses the wider use of technology within an organization’s services, products, and processes to improve the user experience for its customers, increase the speed of execution and ultimately deliver competitive advantage. So, how is automation driving digital transformation? Here are three ways.   1.    Business processes optimization   Many traditional organizations are makingRead More

APIs: The New Digital Business Frontier

A recent article from Gartner highlights the exciting opportunities offered by Application Program Interface (API) implementations to expand both reach and profit, thanks in part to the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. APIs are, of course, nothing new in the business world. But before IoT took off, there weren’t nearly as many devices using the Internet to exchange information. Download ourRead More

Five Lessons Learned From The London Marathon Let Down

Earlier this week, Virgin Money Giving announced that they would boost donations to the London Marathon by 10% after its website crashed the night before the race. Potential donators were left frustrated well into the morning of race day, despite the organisation’s best efforts to fix the issue. Runners and charities missed out on theRead More

Falling Flash Memory Prices: The SSD Server Becomes More Practical

Keeping website and application load times to a minimum is essential in providing a positive customer experience. When the market creates an opportunity to replace the slowest part of the system with a faster solution, it’s worth taking notice. According to PC World, the technology market research experts at Gartner expect prices for Solid State Drives to crash in 2019. Plummeting SSDRead More

[New Feature Releases] Custom Results, Aggregated Data & Alerts in ASM

New Feature releases in Apica Synthetic Monitoring Custom Result Unit In Apica Synthetic Monitoring it is now possible to create and use Custom Result Units per check. This is useful for integration checks. For example, in the AppDynamics integration, you can get many different metrics into ASM. If you are getting the metric “Calls perRead More

IoT: Where are we Now, and Where are we Going?

By Sven Hammar, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder at Apica The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly present in our daily lives, at work, in the home and in the public sphere, making the world a more connected place. In fact, 2020 will see at least 20 billion connected devices across the globe. So, let’sRead More

Internet of Things: The Future is Coming

From comics to cartoons, from science fiction to fantasy we have been shown a future where our cars drive themselves, our coffee makers start themselves, and our houses adjust their temperature settings at our remote command. Getting information or entertainment will be as simple as asking for it aloud.  Planning your daily commute will beRead More

Moving to the Cloud: Know Before you Go

Going through all of the trouble to move an application to the Cloud, only to find it running slower or not at all, can put your business in a rough spot. While moving applications from a data center to the Cloud offers incredible potential for both performance and budgeting, it should not be treated as a magical wand thatRead More

3 things Garadget teaches us about IoT

This week, Gardget made the news for its smart garage door gadget – but for all the wrong reasons. As reported by the BBC, the IoT-enabled device’s owner is facing a backlash after locking out a customer who had complained about the tech online. Garadget’s device allows users to open their mechanized garage doors remotely,Read More

[New Feature Release] Apica Load Test Portal Supports ZebraTester Version 5.5A

Apica Load Test Portal Supports ZebraTester Version 5.5A ZebraTester version 5.5A offers an improved development of performance test scripts and will be released shortly. Below, we’ve got some examples of how this feature will help you. 3 new Types of Variable Extractors The following 3 new types of Variable Extractors have been added and will supportRead More