Apica Announces Breakthrough Desktop Application Monitoring Solution

  • Monitor any (Windows) Desktop Application, using the same interface as the user: Keyboard, Mouse, and Video
  • Record and Script with Desktop Application Recorder to record, edit and test user scenarios
  • Replay and Measure live application performance and uptime

STOCKHOLM, Sweden-June 18, 2019-Apica, a leader synthetic monitoring and performance testing, today announced its breakthrough Desktop Application Check solution. Specifically built for Windows desktop, non-web, applications, this new solution helps users monitor, measure and execute scripts to ensure the performance and uptime of key desktop applications.

“Our customers needed a tool to create real user/application uptime based on usage,” said Sven Hammar, Chief Product Officer at Apica Systems. “Apica Desktop Application Check delivers the visibility needed into legacy applications ensuring our customers are at the forefront of delivering the best digital experience for their customers.”

Today’s legacy applications tend to be the driver for businesses to achieve revenue goals. The challenge is that not all applications are built the same and some legacy applications don’t have the standard APIs or connections to enable complete monitoring of these applications. Additionally, these legacy applications can create monitoring black holes where nothing goes in or out. To close the monitoring black holes requires the right visibility.

Apica Desktop Application Check offers critical performance monitoring across applications and APIs. With advanced scripting capabilities, users now have greater visibility into legacy application performance. Apica’s Desktop Application Check delivers the following:

  • Monitoring for Any Windows Desktop Application – such as Citrix, Thick Clients, Apps and Terminal emulation Vt200,3270
  • Assurance that User’s Desktop Apps are Always Available
  • Recording, Scripting and Playing Back from Anywhere
  • Continuous Intelligence


Press Resources

Apica website: https://www.apicasystems.com
Product page: /monitor-desktop-applications
Apica on Twitter: http://twitter.com/apicasystems

About Apica

Apica is the leading provider of Performance Monitoring for the Enterprise Business. Our customers are typically large global companies with a complex IT infrastructure and a need to monitor business-critical applications. We ensure that our customers can deliver high-quality applications, API, IoT and mobile performance while maintaining speed, visibility and control in the delivery process. Our performance monitoring platform includes global synthetic monitoring enhanced with comprehensive scripting and load testing capabilities to quality assure user experience. Apica’s Performance Monitoring Solution is integrated with leading vendors such as AppDynamics, Instana, PagerDuty and ServiceNow. Apica’s suite – available as SaaS, on-premise and hybrid solutions – is trusted by 300+ leading brands globally. To learn more about Apica, visit www.apicasystems.com

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