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Peter Tollgård Named CEO at Apica to Drive Global Expansion

Surge in demand for quality assured digital user experience drives another year of significant growth in the performance monitoring market

Apica Systems Raises $12.7m USD in New Funding

New round includes participation from existing investors to fuel growth in its performance and testing business and expand talent base

Apica Announces Next Generation Scripting Tools

Next Generation Scripting Tools Delivers DevOps and Quality Enhanced Testing

Apica and C.A.G. Senseus Collaborate to Offer Web and Performance Testing

Apica, the leading provider of Performance Monitoring for the Enterprise business, today announced a new partnership with Swedish consulting firm C.A.G Senseus in a joined effort to offer web application performance testing to Swedish customers.

Apica’s Web Performance Index Reveals eCommerce Retail Winners

The 2017 Apica index evaluates and ranks the web performance of some of the 200 top e-commerce websites in the US and Europe, during one of the busiest retail periods on the calendar - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Apica Releases Four New Incident Management Integrations

Apica, the performance monitoring, and testing experts, have today announced native incident management integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack and OpsGenie.

Apica raises $12m USD in new funding round

Apica, announced today it has raised $12m in a funding round led by Oxx with participation from existing investors Industrifonden, SEB Venture Capital and KTH Chalmers Capital.

Digital Desertion: Digital Disappointment affects Brand Loyalty

Internet users are growing more demanding and less forgiving, according to the results of a consumer survey from Apica, the performance monitoring and testing experts.

Apica Adds Two Industry Veterans to its Leadership Team

Performance monitoring and testing expert expands internationally; appoints two tech leaders as non-executive directors and hires three new key global roles.

Apica to Present LoadTest Solution at STPCon 2017

Demonstrations and use cases of synthetic monitoring highlight Apica's advanced load, performance and website testing capabilities.

Apica Ranks Top 100 Internet Retailer – Web Performance Index

Apica, a leading provider of comprehensive performance testing and monitoring tools, today announced its 2016 Cyber Monday Web Performance Index. The index evaluates various aspects of the web performance for the top 100 eCommerce websites in the United States.


Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Drives a Holistic Approach to Application Monitoring

The Fast Mode spoke to Sven Hammar who is the Chief Product Officer of Apica and Troy Presley, Apica Synthetic Monitoring's Product Owner on how DEM is shaping enterprise IT monitoring as the adoption of Cloud and SaaS becomes increasingly widespread, and as the 'new normal' introduced by the recent pandemic.

Oxx, a new European VC dedicated to SaaS, raises $133M fund

Oxx, a relatively new European venture capital firm founded by Richard Anton and Mikael Johnsson, has raised $133 million to back “Europe’s most promising SaaS companies” including Apica.

SDxCentral’s Weekly Roundup – August 10, 2018

Performance monitoring startup Apica Systems raised $12.7 million in a funding round.

Apica Raises $12.7 Million in New Funding

“We see great things with Apica and its continued growth,” said Johan Englund, Industrifonden Investment Manager. “It was only natural to invest once again in the products and professional/technical teams leading the company to new markets and heights.”

Apica Systems Raises Millions for Performance Monitoring & Testing

“This new round of funding from our existing investors expresses their confidence in us and the momentum we have achieved to date,” said Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica. This investment will support the expansion of our teams in North America and Globally to address the challenges enterprise organizations face in managing comp

Term Sheet – Wednesday, August 8

Apica Systems, a Sweden-based performance monitoring and testing solutions provider, raised $12.7 million in funding. Investors include Industrifonden, SEB Venture Capital, Oxx and KTH Chalmers Capital.

ITRS Group Partners with Apica

Following ITRS’ recent acquisition of Sumerian, a provider of capacity planning, this partnership with Apica will mean ITRS can now offer performance modelling from the front-end user systems such as a website or mobile, all the way through to back-end infrastructure and application servers..

What’s Ahead for the Software Testing Industry in 2018?

Businesses are busy anticipating what the new year will bring in terms of industry developments, growing trends, and hidden surprises. Here are some of the changes we believe will happen within our industry in 2018.

Apica Releases New Incident Management Integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack and OpsGenie

Apica announced four new native incident management integrations for 24×7 performance monitoring. Out-of-the-box connectors available in Apica Synthetic now feed event intelligence and IT alerts instantly to ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Ops Genie and PagerDuty,

From sweets to furniture: The secrets of selling online

What are the best ways to sell online? And how do you make sure you have a website that really works? Part one in our eight-part series exploring all things e-commerce, including the correlation of website load speed to e-commerce success.

AppDynamics, Apica Partner for DevOps App Performance Testing

AppDynamics and Apica have teamed up to deliver an enterprise-focused, integrated load testing and application performance monitoring solution. The pact sees Apica -- specializing in testing for Web, streaming, mobile and APIs -- integrating its Apica LoadTest tool with the application performance management platform

Next Steps for ITOA – Part 4

APMdigest asked experts across the industry — including analysts, consultants, and vendors — for their opinions on the next steps for ITOA. Part 4 covers automation and dynamic IT environment.

Twitter down: Users unable to post social media updates as network suffers technical problems

Social network hit by the outage, leaving users unable to broadcast their thoughts to the world in 140 characters. Twitter collapsed in the UK on May 19, 2017, leaving British people unable to access the social network.

Avoiding the damage of a website crash

The recent website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving has already proven to be a very expensive mistake by the brand. Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running.

Not all websites are created equal: learning from the London Marathon let down

The crash, which was partially resolved but continued to affect site performance and donation submission well into the morning of the marathon, left thousands of people unable to make last-minute donations to runners’ fundraising pages.

Applications of IoT: Ensuring disruption without disruption

IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold, and the onus is now on businesses to understand it is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time.

IoT Ensuring disruption without disruption

By 2020, Gartner predicts there will be 20.8 billion data-creating devices connected to the internet, compared to just over six billion in 2016. And applications of IoT (Internet of Things) are already at work in our day to day lives, making homes, offices, and streets more connected.

IoT: Where are we now and where are we going?

Car manufacturers over the next five years will drive a revolution in how people both buy and use their vehicles. Increased accessibility will mean you can adjust car temperature, check mileage, or even start the ignition from an app.

How automation is driving digital transformation

The biggest challenge for financial services organizations is adopting new technology whilst maintaining high volume, mission-critical transactions. Organizations have to adopt and build within their existing environments.

How FS is being forced into the Fast Lane

How fast financial services firms can adopt new technologies in line with customer demands will dictate whether they perform a support function or a core role in the industry of the future.

Connected Cars driving the IoT

Cars are becoming data centers; each will soon be connected to a variety of interconnected servers providing data. By turning this data into insights about key areas of the driving experience, car manufacturers can create compelling subscription-based services that car buyers are willing to pay for.

5 Mobile Development Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

Your business should not build an app just for the sake of having one. Avoid these 5 mobile development pitfalls to get the most out of your online presence by Sven Hammar, CSO at Apica

Be Properly Prepared to Minimize the Impact of DDoS Attacks

Reports of aggressive DDoS attacks, also known as cyberattacks or overload attacks, are recurring topics in the news. These attacks shake up businesses and organizations—and their customers who are impacted in the end. Prepare for them to minimize the impact on your business and operations.

5 Mobile Development Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

The mobile web is going through an exciting growth phase as consumers and businesses shift their interests toward the “second screen.” Avoid these 5 mobile development pitfalls and stay on top of your mobile presence.

Black Friday Sinks Leading Nordic E-Commerce Sites

The mobile web is going through an exciting growth phase as consumers and businesses shift their interests toward the “second screen.” Even the media is taking notice of the trend: Forbes declared 2015 the “Year of the Mobile Web.”