New version released

  • New Start page
  • New Check type – DNS
  • New Full page Waterfall graph
  • 10 last runs summary
  • New Comparison of 3G operators
  • New Agents


New Start page

The most obvious change in this release is a completely redesigned start page. The purpose of the redesign is make it easier for you to access the powerful tools of Apica WebPerformance™ monitor and stay updated as enhancements and updates become available.

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Check type – DNS

DNS (Domain Name Servers) are working in the background to connect domain names with IP addresses. Most look at DNS as something that “just should work” BUT, it doesn’t always. If you have a business critical Web application you should be monitoring your DNS. And now it’s possible withApica WebPerformance

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New Full page Waterfall graph

The waterfall graph for Full page checks has been redesigned in order to make it even easier to drill down, analyze and pinpoint performance problems.

The top part of the graph shows load time by domain, which is useful if you depend on content and services from other sites (such as ad serving and Google analytics tracking scripts).

The bottom part shows the load times for your own content.





10 last runs summary


Together with the waterfall graph we’ve introduced a summary of the results of the last ten runs of a check. If you have large variations in performance, problems come and go, this can be particularly useful for troubleshooting.



Comparison of 3G operators

We can now run checks using all 3G operators in Sweden. By running checks on all operators and comparing results you will see how your content and services are experienced by all mobile broadband users in Sweden.

As you can see in the sample graph, response times can vary quite significantly depending on which 3G operator your customers is using.



New agents in China and Brazil

We’re constantly updating our agent network and since the last release we have added Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Beijing, China.