[New Feature Release] New Test Result Page for CI/CD in Apica LoadTest Portal

In Apica LoadTest Portal version 5.5 we have a new feature which will make analyzing results from CI tests that much easier, and enhance your CD testing.

Testing CI/CD

In a typical CI Performance test setup, a performance test is done every night to track differences in performance of the application over time. The idea is to run the same performance test scenario with the same ZebraTester script and the same number of concurrent users. If the nightly deploy of the application causes a deviation in response time it will be detected by the CI test.

Analyzing CI/CD 

The new test result page allows the user to decide to analyze what causes a page to be slower or faster than the previous release. If you are working with performance improvements, the changes in performance can also be tracked over time. The new page for CI Test results can be found under Continuous Integration and Result per Script.


The first part of the graph shows a trend with the response time for the first page over time. The latest test result is marked with a green vertical line and the blue vertical line is used to compare results. The user can select any date to compare with by clicking on the “dot” in the trend for a specific date/time.


The latter part of the page has horizontal bar graphs that show the response times from the latest test (green bar) compared with a previous test (blue bar).

The user can click on any page to change the top trend and show the specific page.
If a response time differs and the user wants to analyze further, there are links to both the latest and the previous test results.