New integrations for Microsoft VSTS and Atlassian Bamboo

Having a well-functioning Continuous Delivery approach is getting more and more important for software teams and business stake holders alike. By load testing every deploy that you and your team make you can make sure that it is holding up to your performance standards. Apica Loadtest Portal already provide integrations with some of the mostRead More

Top 5 Tips to Avoid “Integration Hell” with Continuous Integration

Inevitably, developers are forced to delay pushing fixes and features because other parts of the code aren’t ready. “Integration Hell” earned its name because clients are missing out on the latest version of the application–and because it negatively impacts team morale. Continuous Integration is a software development practice involving “integrating” updates multiple times a day.Read More

Enhanced Integration with AppDynamics and New Relic

LoadTest Now Includes Enhanced Integration with AppDynamics and New Relic While at Velocity 2016 this week, we are excited to announce that our LoadTest Portal now has enhanced integration with AppDynamics and New Relic delivering greater actionable insights. Ensuring website and application updates and enhancements function as expected can be challenging. Despite the best deployments,Read More

Application Performance as a KPI for e-business

Web application load times can make the difference between your e-business thriving or dying. Speedy load times are so essential to a web application’s success that they should be considered a key performance indicator. Comparing sales data with performance data establishes a direct relationship between the two: A platform that performs faster will lead toRead More

Why You Should Be Excited for Velocity 2016

Why should you be excited for Velocity 2016? Well we’re a week away and while looking over the conference schedule, we realized it’s going to be a jam-packed, fun-filled few days. We decided to highlight a few speaker sessions we’re most excited for. Without further ado, we bring you the must-see sessions at Velocity 2016:Read More

Announcing Apica Web Performance New UI Design

Today we announced new enhancements to the Apica Web Performance (WPM) user interface. The new design is not only better looking, but also improves the overall experience for users with the interface. Based on customer feedback and with our users in mind, we created a better UI that is more concise, responsive, efficient and isRead More

Clogging the Continuous Delivery Pipeline: A Look at Top Bottlenecks

Continuous Delivery is an appealing approach, allowing rapid application updates, so end users get features and fixes as soon as they’re ready. Developers, for their part, can fix and push updates to address bug reports almost as quickly as they come in. However, the process is not foolproof. A recent Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) surveyRead More