Testing the Waters at STARWEST 2016

As a Platinum sponsor, we’ve got high hopes for STARWEST 2016 in Anaheim this year. We looked at the schedule and it’s full of information and sessions related to DevOps, load testing, and everything Apica as a company stands behind to ensure companies maintain a high-speed, well-run website. During the pre-conference program, we came acrossRead More

Planning Ahead: Load Testing-Assisted Capacity Planning

This is blog post 3 in a 5 post series Blog post 1: Rising to the Occasion: Using Load Testing to Optimize Cloud Server Scaling Blog post 2: Developing a Server Asset Scaling Strategy Application teams need to establish how much power each specific part of the system requires to expand capacity without wasting resources to addressRead More

Best Practices: Continuous Development, Continuous Integration Environment

Continuous Development, Continuous Integration (CI/CD) is the new paradigm for creating and improving web applications. Ongoing development and use of incremental changes that can be rolled back easily in case of problems has proven to be an effective way of advancing the attractiveness and usability of websites. The only way for this method to workRead More

Load Testing Reflections: Final Notes on Scaling, Capacity Planning, and Bottlenecks

This is blog post #5 in a 5 post series Blog post 1: Rising to the Occasion: Using Load Testing to Optimize Cloud Server Scaling Blog post 2: Developing a Server Asset Scaling Strategy Blog post 3:  Planning Ahead: Load Testing-Assisted Capacity Planning Blog post 4: AWS Load Testing Project Questions Load testing is an indispensable toolRead More

What Can Customer Feedback Teach You About Performance Monitoring?

Customer feedback provides excellent insight into how your website is operating in real-world situations that’s helpful even when your business is running Synthetic Performance Monitoring. While the monitoring software provides immeasurably important synthetic feedback on a scale that simply can’t be reproduced manually, the human experience provides additional feedback on site performance when an actualRead More

How’s My HLS Streaming?

Whether delivering movies, covering your favorite sporting event or blasting out internet radio, one of the big consumers of internet bandwidth is streaming content. Websites have popped up worldwide and audiences have become globally accessible.  Streaming video is most often delivered to the end users through the HDS or HLS protocols.  HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)Read More

Good News in the Form of Green: Health Indicator

Apica’s Web Performance Monitor toolset sports a powerful health indicator feature that makes it easy to get a snapshot of your website and application performance. A happy health indicator implies that everything is running smoothly on your platform: Load times are quick, and pages are loading correctly. This is important because faster page load timesRead More

Streamlined Integrations and What’s to Come

Apica WPM offers a variety of integrations for our users and provides information and metrics from such services as Analytical tools, Application Performance Monitoring and Content Delivery Networks. Integrations include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, AppDynamics and Akamai. For more detailed information about our integrations please read our Feature Highlight. Integrations can be usedRead More