Be Properly Prepared to Minimize the Impact of DDoS Attacks

Reports of aggressive DDoS attacks, also known as cyberattacks or overload attacks, are recurring topics in the news. These attacks shake up businesses and organizations — and their customers who are impacted in the end. Some people say that you can avoid DDoS attacks. That is not true. But, you can be prepared for themRead More

Top 6 Reasons Organizations are Still Failing to Load Test

Load testing is an essential practice for any organization looking to keep its online platforms running as smoothly as possible. Load testing creates virtual users and runs them against an actual website or application to determine how well it performs under various traffic levels. This information can be used to identify efficiency problems within theRead More

Helping Bring the Future into Focus at Akamai Edge 2016

We’re looking forward to joining 2,000 business leaders, technology partners, and DevOps enthusiasts at Akamai Edge this year from Oct 17-21st in San Francisco. Whether you’re looking to understand which industry trends to focus on, brush up on in-depth technical skills or learn how to use Akamai’s API’s, this conference has something for everyone. WeRead More

Stress Testing Restful APIs

API TESTING SERIES Your business can get a handle on how well its RESTful APIs are performing under demanding traffic situations without needing to configure complex tools found in other load tests. Load tests are still an essential part of understanding how your company’s website and applications perform, but it’s unnecessary to configure jMeter orRead More

What is Server Monitoring?

Traditional server monitoring is performed by systems administrators who watch the performance of key server processes to ensure the health of a server deployment and who react to signs of servers that are starting to malfunction or get overwhelmed. That’s a pretty dry description of an activity so crucial to website operators that companies devoteRead More

A Simple Guide to Integrations with Apica Products

  Apica’s robust line of monitoring and load testing tools operate and gather additional performance information through integration with several leading platforms for easy access to a larger, more accurate data pool. With this system, which draws from multiple data sources and presents an easy-to-use interface, your business can make even better decisions for allRead More

Advanced Load Balancing Testing Using Scripted Synthetic Monitoring

Creating a well-crafted website that’s popular with the everyday user is just like creating a great roller coaster. It has to be able to handle unexpectedly large crowds, the experience has to be one that brings users back time and again, and it has to simply run – no slowdowns, no hiccups and please, ohRead More