Developing and Implementing a Monitoring Strategy

Website and application monitoring provide immensely helpful information for improving your online platform’s performance-based customer experience. However, that information is only as useful as what your team does with it. According to a survey by Big Panda, IT professionals claimed “improving their organization’s overall monitoring strategy” is the biggest monitoring challenge in 2017. [Take a look at our Website and ApplicationRead More

How the Top 100 E-Commerce Sites were Affected by Amazon S3 Outage

Update March 8th, 2017 We’ve been contacted by representatives from who stated that their S3 instance was effected by the outage but did not impact our website or our ability to transact commerce because of our failover and disaster recovery plans. After further investigation, their checks were failing because of third-party services on theirRead More

Three Tips to Accelerate Page Load Times

Load testing and performance monitoring are great tools for helping your business understand how well your platforms perform under pressure, as well as identifying load time trouble spots. While these services can point your staff in the right direction to improve performance, however, making the necessary changes is a task that falls on their ownRead More