Apica releases four new incident management integrations for accelerated issue resolution

New York – Nov 6th 2017 –  Apica, the performance monitoring and testing experts, have today announced four new native incident management integrations for 24×7 performance monitoring. Out-of-the-box connectors available in Apica Synthetic now feed event intelligence and IT alerts instantly to ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Ops Genie and PagerDuty, allowing enterprise IT organizations to route criticalRead More

Monitoring tools: A software rot watchdog

In addition to measuring performance metrics, website and application monitoring tools can help your company’s developers write better code by identifying changes that hurt efficiency. Monitoring tools can point development teams towards problems relating to active software rot, which describes how continual updates to software can deplete software performance and integrity. Your business can compare monitoring data before andRead More

Location Monitoring: Looking at Regional/National IoT Preparedness

As businesses invest in Internet of Things technologies for new opportunities, it’s important to understand how technical and social factors play in to how well-primed a region is for expansion. The Internet isn’t created equally depending on where a person is, so while IoT devices may perform well in the coastal United States, elsewhere, the infrastructureRead More

Emerging IoT Technologies: More to Monitor, More to Test Beyond the Device

Internet of Things devices serve as one of the most exciting opportunities for businesses to grow but come with the caveat of far greater reliance on monitoring and load testing technologies. It’s very much a paradigm shift in how many devices-per-person Internet infrastructures needs to look at handling; it’s no longer one computer and smartphone each, but rather dozensRead More

How Performance Monitoring is Like Having an Ever-Present Code Proofreader

Performance monitoring is a lot like having an ever-present code proofreader who keeps looking over your company’s website and application code for performance issues on a never-ending basis. Programmers and writers have a lot in common when it comes to editing their work: generally, they do a great job of catching major errors that breakRead More

What Data Points Should You be Monitoring when Measuring Web Performance

Measuring Web Performance Needless to say, top-notch web performance is crucial for any company, regardless of size. When monitoring the real-time performance of a website or application, there are a number of measurable data points and operations that should be clearly understood in order to gain an accurate analysis of a site’s performance levels andRead More

Talking to the Machine

Written by: Richard Clinton, Guest blog post writer for Apica In a previous lifetime, when the world was not so fully digital, the Internet was just a nascent ARPAnet, and my job was manufacturing first-gen word processors, I worked alongside a bonafide genius named Mark. His troubleshooting skills were unmatched and his solutions were oftenRead More

What Performance Monitoring & Professional Athletes have in Common

Professional athletes spend hours looking at game films. Their coaches critique their performance, praising ‘this move’ and suggesting how to do ‘that move’ better. All of this is done to gain a couple of milliseconds’ worth of advantage. Employers spend time reviewing their employees’ performance, letting them know how they can better serve the customersRead More

3 things Garadget teaches us about IoT

This week, Gardget made the news for its smart garage door gadget – but for all the wrong reasons. As reported by the BBC, the IoT-enabled device’s owner is facing a backlash after locking out a customer who had complained about the tech online. Garadget’s device allows users to open their mechanized garage doors remotely,Read More