2 seconds is the acceptable response time

For the second year in succession Apica made a joint survey with the Swedish trade show Webbdagarna in Stockholm, March 19th-20th. 175 people participated in the survey and took part in the draw for an iPad mini. Website response time should be less than 2 seconds. Our survey shows that visitors expect a response timeRead More

Speed Up? The Pros and Cons of Single-Page Sites

At one point, there was some spirited debate in the design community over whether responsive website design or single-page design was the way to go. CSS3, jQuery, and an assortment of other exotic options have since quieted the naysayers. In 2014, “responsiveness” and “single-page” are nearly synonymous. But we’re not quite there yet. Between nowRead More

Best Practice for Optimizing end user performance on web and mobile

Pressure to deliver new features and functionality fast, often with technologies new to your development/operations team, means you need to be ever more vigilant in how users experience your services – 24×7. Whether you are moving hosting providers, planning a new code deployment, preparing for a special event attracting abnormally high load or wanting toRead More

Streamlined Web Pages Means Faster Mobile Browsing

It’s the Age of the Smartphone, and users all want fast internet. The problem is, smartphones don’t have the fat connections that desktop computers and laptops enjoy with stable internet access. Mobile users instead have data plans that charge by byte or second, and using a hotspot or a 4G connection can be aggravating ifRead More

Performance Test Your Smart TV Application

We all know that TVs (and the people who watch them) are smarter than ever before, but what about your smart TV application? If you’re planning on releasing a Smart TV app or already have one sitting in an app store, knowing its performance limitations is the first step in improving conversion and user retention.Read More

The Impact of Web Site Performance on SEO

Poor web site performance can result in a variety of issues for a business, ranging from high bounce rates and reduced visitor engagement to an increasingly less reputable perception. These negatives are largely based upon expectations, since the high-speed internet of today is accommodating to those with short attention spans. Web site visitors expect speedyRead More

Best ways to test mobile websites and mobile apps

With application users now demanding a seamless experience for desktop, tablet and smartphone from anywhere at any time, testing and monitoring for mobile is often overlooked – with disastrous consequences Whether you have a mobile website or a mobile app, it is vital to make sure your users have trouble free operation. Research points toRead More

Lessons learned from the Olympics 2012

  I recently read this article which mentions the 2012 Olympics ticketing problems: 15 UK Web Performance Nightmares, and the damage they caused  There are lots of well publicized web performance problems from Olympic ticketing to denied access to online bank accounts. The IT industry coughs up these problems on an increasingly regular basis, shrugs, and carries on.Read More

Apica support your Mobile Application Management

In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015 media tablet shipments will reach around 50 percent of laptop shipments and over 80 percent of the handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones. These trends were highlighted by Gartner research in their  “Top 10 Strategic Technology TrendsRead More