US Federal Health Exchange Site Slows To A Crawl

If you thought website performance issues were limited to the stuffy corporate server rooms, think again. Only a few hours ago, Washington’s new health insurance exchange site,, ground down to a halt. Thousands of site visitors were either unable to load pages, unable to create accounts, or experienced severe crashes. Quite the bitter pillRead More

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Site Thrives Through the Holidays

Tired of waiting for your website to load? So are your employees. So are your customers. Holiday season is just around the corner and while it’s a time for seeing friends and family, slurping down eggnog, and eating one too many cookies at the slew of holiday parties that invade your calendar, it’s also aRead More

Questions After an E-commerce Crash

Having an online storefront is a must-have for the majority of businesses – Amazon only exists online. However, when a supposedly well-oiled e-commerce machine crashes, there are significant financial and image-related factors to consider. 1. What is the immediate impact? The holiday season, highlighted by Cyber Monday (following Black Friday), has a growing reputation forRead More

5 Challenges Merchants Face When Wanting To Sell Globally

I recently read a blog( Regarding e-commerce and selling globally and the factors needed to be taken in to account. And after reading the post I realizes that the author had left out one of the most important factors. The performance of the site compared to the local competitors in the market. The points thatRead More

Lessons learned from the Olympics 2012

  I recently read this article which mentions the 2012 Olympics ticketing problems: 15 UK Web Performance Nightmares, and the damage they caused  There are lots of well publicized web performance problems from Olympic ticketing to denied access to online bank accounts. The IT industry coughs up these problems on an increasingly regular basis, shrugs, and carries on.Read More

New studies shows that Retailers are struggling to deliver the Omnichannel experience

It seems that brick and mortar stores are fighting back , this recent study shows that 88 percent of consumers admit to ‘webrooming’ – browsing online and then buying in a store. Link to the Accenture Study here The study found that half (49 percent) of consumers believe the best thing retailers can do to improveRead More