5 Critical Components of High Performance Web Sites

Web performance is a critical factor in converting prospective customers into paying customers. In fact, if your site or application doesn’t perform well, it will not only fail to entice new users, but quickly drive those you do have far, far away. When load times are slow and unsteady, users will quickly move on toRead More

Three Key Takeaways from the 2014 Velocity Conference

Last week’s O’Reilly Velocity Conference offered a host of learning tools and inspiration for creating and managing high performance websites and applications. Engineers, developers, Ops specialists, architects, and performance enthusiasts alike gathered at Santa Clara’s Techmart to discuss the ever-escalating “need for speed,” and the latest and greatest in performance solutions. While we returned homeRead More

The Once and Future Website: 3 Possibilities

In the past decade software and hardware have both grown by leaps and bounds, but the average person knows way more about changing devices than they do about changing design trends. It’s easy to predict that in another decade or less we’ll all be wearing Google Glass (or something similar), but what about the websitesRead More

2 seconds is the acceptable response time

For the second year in succession Apica made a joint survey with the Swedish trade show Webbdagarna in Stockholm, March 19th-20th. 175 people participated in the survey and took part in the draw for an iPad mini. Website response time should be less than 2 seconds. Our survey shows that visitors expect a response timeRead More

Best Practice for Optimizing end user performance on web and mobile

Pressure to deliver new features and functionality fast, often with technologies new to your development/operations team, means you need to be ever more vigilant in how users experience your services – 24×7. Whether you are moving hosting providers, planning a new code deployment, preparing for a special event attracting abnormally high load or wanting toRead More

The Impact of Web Site Performance on SEO

Poor web site performance can result in a variety of issues for a business, ranging from high bounce rates and reduced visitor engagement to an increasingly less reputable perception. These negatives are largely based upon expectations, since the high-speed internet of today is accommodating to those with short attention spans. Web site visitors expect speedyRead More

Best ways to test mobile websites and mobile apps

With application users now demanding a seamless experience for desktop, tablet and smartphone from anywhere at any time, testing and monitoring for mobile is often overlooked – with disastrous consequences Whether you have a mobile website or a mobile app, it is vital to make sure your users have trouble free operation. Research points toRead More

We broke our own load testing record – yet again!

At the end of 2012, Apica conducted a massive load test for an election campaign organization. It was the largest load test we ever conducted, surpassing the two million virtual user mark we set earlier that year. The load test clocked in at over 200,000 requests per second for an entire hour. To put thisRead More

Improved Performance Reduces Stress

It’s a well-documented fact that poor web performance has a quantifiable negative impact on business. Tammy Everts, Radware’s self-proclaimed web performance and UX “geek,” will show you how poor performance also hurts your users – neurologically. She will give a presentation at Velocity Conference NYC next month that addresses the neurological impacts of poor webRead More

For the first time in Sweden: Amazon Web Services Summit is coming to Stockholm on September 19

Thursday, September 19th, is the date to reserve in your calendar. This is the date of the first visit ever for Amazon Web Services Summit in Stockholm and Sweden. Perhaps the most important event within AWS Cloud Computing in Scandinavia in 2013. AWS Summit Nordic is a free one day event. Do not miss theRead More