API Testing: What Should You Really Test?

API TESTING SERIES Application Programming Interface (API) testing aims to secure and optimize communication between different platforms. This process examines many elements including debugging, identifying inconsistencies, pinpointing weaknesses, locking down security, and gauging performance. These different aspects of the API testing process often require separate tests, but with some overlap. Any business utilizing APIs canRead More

4 Important API Testing Thoughts Going Into 2017

API TESTING SERIES Application Program Interface (API) performance will be more important than ever going into 2017. For starters, more devices are utilizing the technology, and at a higher frequency. APIs have grown considerably in both service and scope since Salesforce and eBay introduced the first ones in 2000. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, andRead More

3 Critical Reasons for Continuous Integration in API Testing

API TESTING SERIES Continuous Integration (CI) for Application Program Interface testing (API testing) is an online platform monitoring practice that helps businesses provide consistently fast service to their customers. CI, a development practice that involves updating platform code in a shared repository multiple times a day, and API Testing, gauging the performance of API implementations,Read More

Stress Testing Restful APIs

API TESTING SERIES Your business can get a handle on how well its RESTful APIs are performing under demanding traffic situations without needing to configure complex tools found in other load tests. Load tests are still an essential part of understanding how your company’s website and applications perform, but it’s unnecessary to configure jMeter orRead More

Testing Hybrid Systems and APIs

Not so long ago, having a website to support your business was cutting-edge and gave you a significant advantage over your competition. Now eCommerce is the order of the day for a large percentage of enterprises and those who are not online may not be able to survive.  This situation makes it critical that enterprisesRead More

Succeeding in the “API Economy”

The API Economy not only offers incredible opportunities to explore new ways to interact with devices and services, but also allows innovators to put a new spin on solving old problems. According to IBM, the API Economy is “the commercial exchange of business functions, capabilities, or competencies as services using web application programming interfaces.” TheRead More