Apica becomes integration partner with Kerfi

The Swedish based IT companies Apica and Kerfi has reached an agreement, in which Kerfi will integrate and sell to its customers Apica’s performance and availabilty applications for web platforms. The IT-company Kerfi will become Apica’s first integration partner in Sweden. The new collaboration between the companies means that Kerfi’s consultants will distribute and integrateRead More

Apica hires three new employees

The Swedish based IT-company Apica has hired three new employees; Peter Tollgård is hired as Head of Consultancy, Robert Aresved is the new Support Manager and will also be a technical consultant, and Erik Torlén becomes Apica’s new test- and internet expert. Peter Tollgård recently took up the position as new Head of Consultancy. HeRead More

Apica loadtests the crises portal of the Swedish Emergency Management Agency – SEMA

During the Spring of 2008 Apica has carried out external load tests for theSwedish Emergency Management Agency – SEMA. The purpose of the loadtests was to verify the performance of SEMA’s web at peak load in a crisis situation. Apica has been commissioned to support SEMA with tests and quality measuring of SEMA:s crises portal,Read More

Apica tests and quality measures Scandic Hotels web site and new internet based booking system

Apica has been commissioned by Scandic Hotels, the leading Nordic Hotel chain, to test and quality measure Scandic’s web site and new internet based booking system. Apica is a Swedish company which performs advanced performance- and loadtests of web applications. Apica has been commissioned to assist Scandic Hotels with tests and quality measuring of theRead More

Apica partners with Polopoly

Apica has signed a partnership agreement with the Swedish content management system provider Polopoly. Apica will assist Polopoly with its development and implementation projects, comprising a o loadtests, stress tests and SLA-supervision. Apica is a Swedish based IT-company which provides internet based applications and solutions for advanced performance and loadtests of web applications. The testsRead More