7 secrets to maintaining four nines uptime using performance monitoring tools


Klarna’s 7 secrets for maintaining four nines uptime

1. Implement end-to-end responsibility
2. Get started on a shift in architecture (Microservices in cloud platform and graceful degradation)
3. Keep centralized Incident Management (operations land, OPs knowledge)
4. Support proper Problem Management
5. Do continuous improvement/feedback – on all levels (lives, dev-teams, retros, incident reports)
6. Save minutes/seconds in communication
7. Service customers from the new platform

Last week 451 Research partnered with Apica‘s customer Klarna, a $319M+ fintech company, to understand how they improved their availability, increased their bottom line and overall customer satisfaction using a proactive monitoring toolset, including Apica Synthetic.

Proactive DEM (digital experience monitoring) has become a business requirement for all digital organizations, and in a time when application complexity continues to rise and cloud migration is no longer just a strategic vision, businesses are investing in people, practices, and tools to ensure their critical internal and external applications are always-on and high performing.


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How to Achieve 4 Nines Uptime with Performance Testing and Monitoring Tools

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Whitney Donaldson
Whitney Donaldson Whitney is the US Marketing Manager at Apica. She brings five years of marketing experience with a focus on B2B technology. She holds an English Literature and Marketing Management degree from the University of Victoria.