Apica's unique monitoring solution meets the need of both IT Ops and business owners.

Unmatched Network

Apica simulates realistic traffic from 60+ countries and 80 locations worldwide.

Flexible Delivery

Apica provides SaaS, hybrid and on-prem deployments.

API & Portal Integrations

Apica integrates with AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace, Splunk, Grafana, ServiceNow and more.

Monitor any Web, Mobile, IoT or API based application.

Our performance monitoring platform includes global synthetic monitoring enhanced with comprehensive scripting and load testing capabilities to quality assure user experience.

Apica Synthetic

Simulate traffic 24/7 and optimize uptime and performance with confidence.

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Apica LoadTest

Ensure the scalability of your websites, applications, APIs and IoT.

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Over 10+ Years Serving Customers Worldwide

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"By using Apica Synthetic, we lowered costs, and gained visibility into uptime, ensuring great web experiences for our customers."

Bjorn Kvamme, Head of IT, TUI Nordic

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Financial Services Spotlight

When a leading global financial services firm, and one of the largest banking institutions in the United States, needed an on-premise solution with enterprise requirements to safeguard their transactions, they turned to Apica. Apica now monitors business critical applications with over 4,000 checks. Executives rely on the Apica Dashboard as their always "on-screen".

  • Enterprise requirements such as AppDynamics integration, SMNP traps and IT support alerts.
  • 4,000 checks running from locations in the US, Asia and Europe.
  • Monitoring internal and external apps, including Password Vault for internal log-ins.

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