For today's digital business, customer experience is everything. Are you ready to deliver your customers a remarkable journey? Build, deploy and maintain better applications with Apica.

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Any App, Any Device

Measure the performance of websites, apps, APIs, video streaming, IoT and OTT.

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Faster Issue Resolution

Identify, isolate and resolve issues before they affect your end-users, brand and bottom line.

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Unlimited Global Scale

Run tests with millions of virtual users and monitor performance from over 160 locations.

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Full Lifecycle Visibility

Test and monitor applications throughout the development lifecycle and facilitate collaboration.

Our Products

Apica LoadTest

Take proactive measures to ensure your websites, applications and APIs perform at peak conditions. Apica LoadTest is a modern, turn-key enterprise solution for simulating traffic at extreme scale and identifying performance bottlenecks before they have real-world impact.

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Apica Synthetic

Identify availability and performance issues before they affect the end-user experience and fix problems earlier and more efficiently. Apica Synthetic monitors your websites, applications and APIs around the clock —from behind the firewall or in the public cloud.

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“Apica really understood our problem. Without them we would have never been able to scale our application."

Heather Hart, Director of IT, Broad Museum

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“I made the right decision in choosing Apica after a 6-month adventure with a competitor’s tool. Apica helps us identify performance bottlenecks earlier in the development lifecycle and their Professional Services team goes above and beyond.”

Michael Punsky, President, FTL Metrics